Outcome #11

Develop an understanding of the ethical and global issues facing people working in the marketing function. Global issues were mainly brought up in Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler and also by another team’s practicum. By both resources, it is said that going global can have its benefits along with its problems. Strict or different […]

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Outcome #10

Explain how the marketing mix elements are blended into a cohesive marketing program. The marketing mix was brought to my attention a lot when we were working on our practicum. We were assigned specifically the marketing mix agenda which talked about how it works within the market. We were able to study about the 4 […]

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Outcome #9

Know how organizations search for new marketing opportunities and select target markets. This outcome was brought up when we were constructing our marketing plan project. We had to target our market with looking at different segmentation and differences certain groups had between each other. Certain marketing opportunities organizations look for is to see which target […]

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Outcome #8

Understand how marketing decisions are made. Understanding how marketing decisions are made was used non stop throughout our marketing plan project. The whole plan was simply making a marketing decision in my opinion. It helped us go through the marketing process along with understand how a product makes it to the market. The marketing plan […]

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Outcome #7

Develop a good understanding of current marketing concepts, strategies and techniques. I was able to grasp the basic knowledge of the concepts, strategies, and techniques through all of the assignments and projects we were assigned, but mostly Principle of Marketing by Philip Kotler helped me understand it in deeper context. The author takes the concept […]

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Outcome #6

Describe the role and contribution that marketing plays in organizations and society. This outcome mainly came up in Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler more than anything. I feel that organizations and society rely on marketing to offer them the greatest and lowest deal along with telling them what’s best for their way of living. […]

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Outcome #5

Understand how marketing interacts with and is interdependent with other functional areas within a company. I found this outcome came up when our group was trying to finish our practicum along with our marketing plan. First, we needed to find all the basic information and then deeply research into each topic. Then, once we were […]

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